our story

fini. meaning to finish or complete.

Established in 2016, fini. the label began with the creation of the fini. headwrap.

Designed when I was an expecting mother, to frame (‘complete’) the precious little face of my daughter.

The product range of fini. grew along with my years of motherhood. Sharing items that I desired and brought to life for my own children (Lucy & Spencer), with others to also enjoy.


My fini. intentions….

Blending practical children's headwear with on-trend fashion.

Minimalist style, chic headwear that little ones will want to wear, and all will admire.

Strong dedication to high quality standards, enabling fini. pieces to be passed down to siblings, friends, or donated to those in need after your little one has lovingly worn it.

Headwear so simply perfect that you desire the entire range.

Items made with love, for you to love.


My thank you….

Thank you to those that return over and over again to purchase fini.

Thank you to those that bring a smile to my face daily by thoughtfully tagging/sharing images with me of your little ones in my creations.

Thank you to the boutiques stocking fini. worldwide in your beautiful stores.

Thank you to those from near and far adoring.

And thank you to those new to fini. exploring this page and learning about us.


Naomi. xx



*designed in Geelong (VIC) Australia.