our story

Once upon a time there was a little bebe named Lulu. When Lulu was growing in her Mumma's tummy, her Mumma just knew that Lulu would have a love for fashion & that she would have a pretty little face that would need to be framed picture perfect. "So my darling Lulu" Mumma said to Lulu in her tummy, "what accessory do I get you to complete your beautiful little outfits?"

Her Mumma searched high & low for the perfect accessory that would do the face of her little princess justice. Beanie? Too hot. Headband? Too cold. "So what do I do Lulu?" asked Mumma. Mumma went to bed trying to think of the perfect accessory for her Lulu. She tossed & turned, got up for the toilet, tossed & turned, got up for the toilet again, repeat, repeat. Then she thought 'Headwrap!!!' Not too hot, not too cold, just right! So Lulu's Mumma bounced out of bed & grabbed a needle & thread.

On the 9th of March 2016, Lulu Florence was welcomed into the world. Beauty as far as the eye could see. With her soft glowing skin, her tiny little bottom & her sparkling eyes, her Mumma wept with joy as her heart exploded with love. "Where have you been all of my life baby Lulu?" Mumma cried. Mumma took her little doll & dressed her with pride for the very first time for all to see. "But wait my darling" said Mumma, "I have the perfect accessory to complete your beautiful outfit!". Mumma pulled the headwrap from her hosptial bag & placed it on Lulu's precious little head with love. "Fini!!"

From that day on, every man in the land kept asking Mumma where she got Lulu's unique headwraps from. This got Mumma thinking that all little princesses deserved to be crowned & as stylish as her Lulu, so she set up this shop for every bebe to live happily ever after. 


.... well almost.... 

Then came along Lulu's little brother Spencer. The new chapter in our families life has inspired this mumma to also create a new chapter in the life of fini. by expanding the product range.  Princesses like to mix up their crowns & every prince needs to be crowned too you know! 


The meaning of 'fini' is to finish or complete. We hope that you will share in our love of the perfect accessory to FINI your bebe's stylish outfit (or yours!).

Love Lulu & her Mumma xox


*designed in Geelong (VIC) Australia, produced all over the world.